There are few things more iconic in the British aristocrat’s closet than a good, old fashioned shooting jacket. Nowadays, a shooting jacket doesn’t necessary mean you’re going shooting – it is ideal for walks around the countryside, or keeping warm in your drafty, enormous country estate. Indeed, they are mostly used when sneaking off for a cheeky pint at the pub. Here are the must-haves for your royally-approved shooting jacket…

Musto Shooting Jacket Prince William Harry

Deep Pockets

A man needs to keep many things in his pockets – on this occasion, most importantly his shotgun cartridges. Whatever fills your pockets, look for deep, outer “bellowed” pockets. Retainer straps, which snap to keep your pockets open, allow for easy access to extra cartridges. This style, with extra-deep pockets from Musto, is ideal for deerstalking. Barbour Durham Waterproof Shooting Jacket William Harry

Weatherproof Material

Whether you’re wild boar hunting in Spain or just seeking a muntjac deer down the country road, the weather can be unpredictable. Choosing a weatherproof material, ideally coated in Teflen, wax, or GoreTex, will keep you dry throughout a long day shooting. We love this classic weatherproof style from Barbour.Barbour Ashby Shooting Jacket Prince William Harry

A Jazzy Lining

Sure, no one might see it buy you, but most men’s sporting jackets feature an upbeat lining, such as plaid or damask prints. It adds a little personality to an otherwise stodgy piece of your wardrobe. Some really upscale brands will even allow you to customize the lining and add monograms – quite jazzy indeed. The Barbour “Ashby” jacket fits the bill.

Barbour Waxed Prince William Harry

Inside Pockets

Where else would you hide your flask and cigar for the inevitable mid-shoot break? Inside pockets can hide a whole host of secrets, from your iPhone to your Scotch. Inner pockets will keep these items safe from the elements and the rough-and-tumble nature of an outdoor sport. Most high-end sporting jackets, like this one from Barbour, feature plenty of pockets.

Musto Tweed Jacket Prince William Harry

A Flashy Exterior

More formal shoots require a plaid or tartan exterior. When shooting with traditionalists – or the Duke of Edinburgh – opt for a green, red, or brown tartan or herringbone pattern in a warm, heavy tweed. Tweeds or wool-blend fabrics are more appropriate for these traditional pursuits over a weatherproof GoreTex modern jacket. We like this style, again from Musto, which blends both fashion and function.

In the market for a shooting jacket? Here are some options, ideal for a Duke:

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